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Perfect! tells the story of a 6th grader named Trudy who, after a rough first day of middle school, cries, stamps, and mutters her way into a deep, dark hole in her backyard with her trusty dog, Barley.  Feeling incredibly stuck, Trudy wishes a “perfect” version of herself (Perfect Trudy) into existence, to live her life for her, make everyone happy, and fix all of her problems while Trudy stays hidden away in the hole.  Perfect Trudy sets off into the world to be, well, perfect, leaving Trudy and Barley with a magical Egg who can transmit all of Perfect Trudy’s doings above ground.  Trudy is thrilled until the hole begins to shift and transform, creating fantastical worlds where she encounters the school bully, her best friend Sam, and her parents in whimsical, sometimes scary, and enlightening new ways.  Through these experiences, Trudy realizes that being perfect may not be the answer she thought she needed and vows to get out of the hole and reclaim her own life before Perfect Trudy takes over forever. 

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