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from Hall Pass

In 2015, we wrote a short musical for a project called Hall Pass (Blindspot Collective, prod.), which featured original, short, site-specific plays written for high schoolers to perform in a high school. In addition to the premiere performance, Hall Pass (and ilysm) were performed across the country, eventually returning to New York as a featured production of the 2016 Future of StoryTelling Summit.

Our writing prompt was a packet of survey answers from high school students around the country, detailing their thoughts on many issues from academics to media portrayal of young adults, their secrets, lies, hopes, and joys. From that, we created a little piece called ilysm (“I love you so much” in textspeak), about 5 students working on a biology group project in the school library. All are isolated in their own way and crave some connection to each other, though the path toward that goal is not immediately clear.

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